GT to Launch enVue Data Virtualization Beta for Single-Source Data Access

GT Software is introducing a new data virtualization solution that allows users to integrate data from diverse data sources into coherent data services that support real-time business transactions, analytics, and application development. Offered in beta form in May, the new solution, which will be available and accessible from any browser or mobile device, is called enVue Data Virtualization.

It will enable users to access and interact with enterprise-wide data via one, single-source access point. According to GT Software, this means data is easily accessed with speed and simplicity since the data source is masked from users and can consume data based on an individual’s needs. 

“We are the leader in mainframe data unification modernization so historically we focus on solving people’s data challenges as it related to legacy and mainframe data sources,” said Adam Redd, vice president of development at GT Software. “With this product we’ve expanded well beyond that to include everything in the distributed world.”

EnVue will provide instant, real-time, read and write interaction with the data source, ensuring that the most up-to-date information is available to support critical business decisions, according to GT. The solution is targeted towards a broad audience, said Redd. A key goal, according to the company, is to make it more manageable for IT and data governance administrators to provide data access, as well as to monitor and secure data use, as a result of the streamlined flow of information.

Additionally, Redd said, the new platform will help organizations prepare for the future as an influx of data sources are beginning to create challenges. For organizations that have a wide variety of data sources that need to be brought together, “as opposed to having to manually update reports and applications, by using enVue, they can bring all those sources into one virtual database,” Redd said.

GT recently previewed the new platform at the FIMA conference with successful results, according to Redd. “I think we had a tremendous amount of interest,” Redd said. “Many demos were given, we had a lot of leads generated, a lot of people wanted to know more about it and people saw how it could fit into their organization to help some of the challenges they are facing.”

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