Garantia Data Announces Availability of Redis Cloud for IBM SoftLayer

Garantia Data, a provider of enterprise-class Redis and Memcached in fully automated cloud services, announced the general availability of its Redis Cloud for the IBM SoftLayer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform.

Redis is an open source, RAM-based, key-value memory store. Garantia Data’s Redis Cloud is a fully-automated service for running Redis on the cloud.

“We are announcing the general availability of this service over the IBM SoftLayer Cloud and we think this is a great fit because one of the claims to fame of this particular cloud is performance,” said Garantia Data CEO Ofer Bengal. The combination of Redis and especially Redis Cloud  with the performance on SoftLayer “can be a great one,” he added.

Garantia Data has been operating its Redis Cloud service over SoftLayer for about a month with beta customers and now that the service is stable,  it is ready to switch over to general availability. 

Bengal noted that the customer bases for Redis Cloud on SoftLayer are next generation developers, start-up companies and web companies. Using SoftLayer benefits developers because they are now able to build and create applications with scalability, high availability, and top performance without worrying about infrastructure management.

IBM completed the acquisition of SoftLayer Technologies Inc., a privately held cloud computing infrastructure company based in Dallas, Texas in July 2013. SoftLayer joined IBM’s new cloud services division, which combined SoftLayer with IBM SmartCloud into a global platform.

With over 15,000 developers using Redis Cloud for the IBM SoftLayer to enhance their cloud deployments, Bengal said, “I am happy to say that it seems that the service is very effective and valuable to customers.”

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