Garantia Data Enhances Memcached with High Availability Feature

Garantia Data, a provider of enterprise-class Redis and Memcached in fully automated cloud services, recently announced the general availability of its Memcached Cloudfail-safe caching solution for the Heroku, AppFog and AppHarbor platforms.

The new Memcached Cloud applications will allow developers who are utilizing these platforms for their applications to “super-charge” their data consolidations, supporting higher scalability and performance. “The main aspect is high availability, because traditional Memcached does not have high availability and is prone to failures,” said Ofer Bengal, co-founder and CEO, Garantia Data.

With the new additions to Garantia Data’s Memcached Cloud solution, users now have the opportunity to seamlessly transition from Memcached to Redis technology without a difficult and painstaking process. These systems can now be smoothly interchanged through the use of cloud technology allowing developers to spend their time on more critical business requirements and ultimately allowing for greater efficiency. “With our solution you can completely avoid losing data,” explained Bengal.

Garantia Data’s free beta version will be discontinued on January 17, 2014. Previous users should visit their PaaS provider’s add-on pages for transition and pricing details. To learn more about Garantia Data and its Memcached Cloud fail-safe caching solution, visit