Garantia Data Rebrands as ‘Redis Labs’

Garantia Data, a provider of enterprise-class Redis and Memcached solutions for developers, announced the company’s official name change to Redis Labs. This corporate re-branding reflects the company’s position as a leading database-as-a-service provider in the Redis ecosystem, as well as its ongoing dedication advancing Redis.

Completely served from RAM, Redis is a popular database for new applications, supporting use cases such as real-time analytics, social timelines and notifications, job management and geo-search.

Garantia Data’s initial focus was on guaranteeing user databases, but today with the evolution of Redis, and with Redis becoming one of the three databases chosen by developers for new applications, the company says that re-branding its name to Redis Labs more appropriately describes its mission.  “The idea behind this was to show our commitment to this NoSQL database and to making this database one of the leading databases in years to come,” said Ofer Bengal, chief executive officer and co-founder, Redis Labs.

“We would like the NoSQL ecosystems to know that we focus all our efforts on Redis and we put it as our goal to make Redis a corner stone of ever new application being developed. With this name, Redis Labs, we think that it is being said loud and clear,” explained Bengal

With its fully-managed Redis Cloud service, Redis Labs currently has over 1,400 paying customers and tens of thousands of databases under management.

While its primary focus is on Redis, Redis Labs also continues to support the Memcached community with its Memcached Cloud service. Powered by Redis technology, this solution enhances open source Memcached with storage engine, replication and auto-failover capabilities.

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