Garantia Data Shores Up Cloud Services with Multi-Availability Zone Replication with Instant Auto-Failover

Garantia Data, the provider of enterprise-class Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud services, has announced a new Multi-Availability Zone capability that affords a greater level of high-availability to its Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud hosting services on AWS. Offering constant dataset replication to a different availability zone (data center) and an instant auto-failover mechanism, this solution guarantees that data is served without interruption in case of a complete or partial outage of the data center.

Redis Cloud provides auto-scalability so that a dataset can grow to any size while supporting all Redis commands. “Redis, although being a NoSQL database, suffers from scalability issues. You cannot grow your dataset beyond a single master server. We overcome this limitation and offer infinite scalability for Redis. The users do not need to deal with nodes, clustering, and scaling; all this is done automatically,” Ofer Bengal, cofounder and CEO of Garantia Data, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Both Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud offer a fast storage engine, allow customers to run a dataset on multiple CPUs, and use advanced techniques to maximize performance at any dataset size.

Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud Multi-AZ are currently available on AWS-U.S. East. For more information, visit