Gathid Introduces Patented Identity Model to Address Complex Security Challenges

Gathid is debuting its new approach to identity and access governance, inspired by the power of gathered identities, the platform pinpoints identity and access anomalies with its patented directed graph model.

Designed for rapid deployment, immediate applicability, and smooth integration across complex IT infrastructures, this solution tackles the critical need for scalable and cost-effective identity management, according to the company.   

Building on 20 years of dedicated experience solving complex physical security challenges for some of the largest companies in the world, Peter Hill, founder and CEO of Gathid, and his team identified a need for a solution that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure to help organizations tackle today’s increasingly complex identity security challenges.

In Q4 2023, Gathid successfully transitioned from physical security to identity governance to address this gap. This strategic move leverages Gathid’s international scale to address the growing need for robust identity and access management. 

“While deploying our physical access security products for some of the world’s largest companies, including five of the Fortune 500’s top 50 companies, we saw firsthand how much identity debt most organizations carry,” Hill said. “We realized organizations that are not as mature as these industry giants didn’t have the resources to effectively identify who has access to what and—more importantly—whether they should have access at all. This inspired us to invent a solution that helps organizations gain the visibility they need to strengthen access management without completely overhauling their people, processes, physical infrastructure, and technology.” 

Gathid’s strength lies in its novel application of a patented directed graph model for identity and access improvements. It offers a fast-to-deploy, resource-efficient approach that can function across disconnected systems in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

This dynamic patented identity model, known as the “Gathid Graph," is automatically reconstructed daily from the ground up, liberating organizations from the constraints of system syncs and incomplete delta reports.

If your automation misses a beat, Gathid highlights what’s amiss, directing users' focus to critical compliance clean-up areas. This ongoing daily refresh cycle is crucial in maintaining an ever-accurate, ever-compliant identity and access ecosystem. 

  Key benefits include: 

  • Identity graph technology
  • Rapid deployment
  • Affordable insight for every system
  • Continuous Automated User Access Reviews (UAR)
  • Toxic role combination alerts
  • Incident memory
  • Compatibility

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