Gearset’s Latest Features Empower Salesforce Teams Across the DevOps Lifecycle

Gearset, the leading Salesforce DevOps platform, is debuting a new suite of capabilities designed to accelerate and enhance reliable release management for its Salesforce DevOps platform. Prompted by user feedback, the new features—Archiving, expansions to Compare and Deploy, and Flow Navigator—deliver data optimization and visibility tools that empower Salesforce teams across the DevOps lifecycle.

Leveraging the company’s user feedback, Gearset’s latest release aims to solve fundamental challenges for Salesforce teams—including managing Salesforce data, hitting storage limits, deployment hurdles, and the time it takes to retrieve organization data and metadata.

“For DevOps strategies to be effective, teams must trust that data is accurate and consistent to deploy applications at the pace of innovation,” said Matt Dickens, CPO and co-founder of Gearset. “Gearset’s newest features empower teams to visualize, manage, and apply relevant and necessary data throughout the development cycle in real-time. This enables organizations to navigate constant changes to run, transform, and grow their business on Salesforce confidently.”

With Gearset Archiving, organizations are afforded control over their Salesforce data storage, merging existing backup, sandbox seeding, and monitoring solutions into a single platform. By removing obsolete data from Salesforce orgs, enterprises can save on storage costs and mitigate performance degradation, according to Gearset.

Additionally, Archiving enables:

  • Users to customize archiving rules to automatically reduce data storage in Salesforce
  • Restoration of records individually or in bulk, at any time
  • Policy-based archiving to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations
  • Archiving management in one platform alongside Gearset’s backup and data management solutions

“Gearset Archiving allows teams to remove obsolete or legacy data from their Salesforce orgs and store it safely off-platform instead. This data is still accessible and can be easily restored to orgs at any time but won’t be taking up space or slowing down org performance in the meantime,” explained Dickens. “Gearset backup customers can purchase archiving at any time and will receive support from our data engineers to identify what data they’d like to archive and set up their policies.”

At Gearset, keeping metadata clean and consistent across the organization, as well as delivering metadata comparisons, is crucial. Yet, due to the dramatic evolution of the Salesforce ecosystem, many Salesforce deployment tools are incapable of comparing metadata across source and target organizations during deployment.

Recognizing this inefficiency, Gearset’s Compare and Deploy capability is now faster and more intuitive, ensuring that DevOps teams can granularly analyze and compare metadata at a rapid pace. This streamlines the process of identifying and remediating potential issues, thereby eradicating deployment failures, according to Gearset.

“Time is money for Salesforce teams, so the longer it takes to deploy business-critical functionality, the less ROI the business is getting from their investment in the Salesforce platform and their team,” noted Dickens. “In order to keep servicing the needs of our users, we’ve updated our org comparisons to be more interactive, allowing our users to home in on comparing only the metadata they want to deploy. Analyzing and comparing metadata more quickly and easily enables your Salesforce teams to deliver value to users sooner, so that they in turn can deliver value to the business.”

Compare and Deploy now enables DevOps teams to select times to compare and deploy faster; view and interact with metadata types as soon as they’ve finished comparing; and refresh metadata types without the need to re-compare the entire Salesforce org.

With Gearset’s latest Flow Navigator tool, teams can visually compare Salesforce deployments, alleviating deployment tensions due to Salesforce’s Flow versioning. Due to Salesforce’s native Change Set deployments, teams often have difficulty seeing what they're deploying, leading to merge conflicts, out of sync environments, or unexpected changes to Flow deployment, according to Gearset.

As a first-to-market solution for managing Salesforce’s Flows, Flow Navigator grants greater transparency for teams to view unexpected differences or impact visibility before deployment. Rendering flows as they appear natively in Salesforce, enterprise teams—regardless of their technical ability—can comprehend their Flow deployment.

Ultimately, this release reflects Gearset’s sentiment that “our users have always driven our roadmap, so every Gearset customer or potential customer should be excited that we are building solutions to the Salesforce challenges they face…From Gearset’s perspective, the most exciting part of our journey has always been hearing how we’ve saved our users time, stress or money, and we aim to do that with every release,” concluded Dickens.

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