GenieDB Launches MySQL-as-a-Service

GenieDB has announced the launch of the GenieDB Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service. The DBaaS offering allows organizations to take advantage of GenieDB’s automated platform to build web-scale applications that gain the benefits of geographical database distribution, continuous availability during regional outages, and better application response time for globally distributed users.

GenieDB’s core technology is implemented as a MySQL Storage Engine, and the GenieDB DBaaS is configured with GenieDB as the default storage engine, Suneet Sheokand, CTO of GenieDB, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  As a result, for any application targeted at MySQL, there is no change to make it compatible with GenieDB, making GenieDB an easy, drop-in replacement for on-premises or self-managed MySQL installation, he says. In contrast, a technology that simulates MySQL’s on-wire protocol, or is based on another RDBMS like Postgres or NuoDB, or a NoSQL implementation, he notes, will require additional development time and testing to take an existing MySQL application, port it and then deploy.  “With GenieDB it will be immediate and seamless.”

Since GenieDB is native MySQL, organizations can gain the advantages of global database distribution without having to acquire new database expertise or new resources. In particular, the company says, GenieDB’s Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service is addresses the needs of new or existing applications that are experiencing increasing traffic such that database management demands will soon exceed existing resources, expertise, or both. GenieDB frees developers from the challenge of managing distributed databases so that they can focus attention where it matters most: rapid application development. The technology is available in an on-premise version, and now available as a DBaaS version.

GenieDB DBaaS is available now via Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace, and HP Cloud. For more information or to sign up for GenieDB DBaaS, visit