GenieDB Now Available in Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace

GenieDB, a provider of distributed relational database technology, has announced the availability of its “Worldwide Database” in the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace. GenieDB works alongside standard MySQL to provide a cloud-enabled platform, distributed across multiple geographies and clouds, and delivering high availability and local performance levels to users anywhere in the world. 

According to GenieDB, although cloud and data center outages can cost enterprises millions of dollars, few businesses are prepared for outages as the technology needed to build resilient, distributed database can be complex and expensive. “The only good solution is to have your infrastructure spread over multiple clouds over large distances,” Sumeet Sheokand, CTO of GenieDB, tells 5 Minute Briefing. GenieDB’s global distribution capabilities and MySQL plug-in architecture are intended to ensure that MySQL applications will stay up when any cloud goes down.

GenieDB provides an immediate migration path that addresses rising demand for peak application performance and zero downtime while avoiding the expense and disruption of non-MySQL solutions. “GenieDB is now available as part of a toolset that Rackspace customers can leverage. We have certified our product against Rackspace services and we have customers who are looking to run GenieDB as a database on Rackspace Cloud Services,” Sheokand explains. Organizations can accelerate development and deployment of their cloud-enabled applications while reducing total cost of ownership.

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