GenieDB v 1.0 Enables Global Distribution of MySQL Data

Distributed relational database technology vendor GenieDB has launched v 1.0, a MySQL storage engine plug-in that is intended to simplify and accelerate the distribution of mission-critical enterprise applications across multiple data centers and clouds, regardless of location. According to the company, the GenieDB solution provides peak application performance and resiliency and is cost-effective as it eliminates the expenses of switching to a NoSQL solution.

MySQL applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud, can benefit from GenieDB multi-data center geographic diversity. “We target existing mission-critical applications that have been written on MySQL. They immediately gain the features of 100% availability and better response time to users anywhere in the world while at the same time having much easier management of the replication and synchronization process, and overall reducing their total cost of ownership to maintain that infrastructure,” Cary Breese, CEO of GenieDB, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

GenieDB provides a flexible framework for enterprises that want to leverage the cloud. They can easily scale their mission-critical applications across regions and clouds for the highest availability possible. “We are a high availability solution allowing enterprises to meet the demands of next generation applications and users of online applications who are demanding data anywhere, anytime, and all the time,” Breese explains. The solution also reduces the complexities of database administration and maintenance. GenieDB customers include many industry verticals, such as financial services, entertainment and media, enterprise mobile, information services and energy.

GenieDB v 1.0 is available now. Visit for a trial evaluation.