Geospatial Analytics gets a Boost with SAP HANA and Esri Collaboration

Esri, a provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analytics, is certifying SAP HANA  as an ArcGIS enterprise geodatabase to provide customers with greater insights, improved business decisions, and a swifter ability to innovate.

Esri and SAP customers will benefit from enhanced performance and scalability, as well as full integration of both enterprise and spatial data, according to the vendor.

The SAP and Esri partnership brings powerful location intelligence to enterprise data and applications. That will allow businesses to thrive through spatial analytics, advanced visualizations, and by embedding geospatial into core business processes.

“Geoenabling the business is really more than just putting points on a map,” said Matt Zenus, global SAP database and data management solution team. “Really what it’s about is better insights, improved business decisions, and ultimately to unlock innovation.”

Whether on premise or in the cloud, the Esri geodatabase powered by SAP HANA allows spatial data to be integrated and delivered across organizations and accessed from one place for true IT landscape consolidation, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and administration costs.

Looking to the future SAP wants to enable geospatial data to leverage imagery from satellites and drones, use AI and machine learning to make decisions, and more, according to Zenus.

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