Get the Scoop on Data Security and Compliance

Companies continue to get wrapped up in this constant big data deluge. Expanding data volumes and longer data retention requirements are putting enormous and previously unforeseen stresses on organizations' data security and compliance environments.

DBTA recently held a webinar featuring Leslie Wiggins, portfolio marketing manager, IBM, and Luis Casco-Arias, senior offering/product manager - IBM data security – Guardium, IBM Security who discussed how organizations can take advantage of deploying an optimized security data lake.

Protecting the data perimeter is important Wiggins and Casco-Arias explained. According to TechRadar, 70% of a company’s value likely lies in intellectual property.

The expanding data landscape is creating powerful new requirements. These stressors include:

  • Longer Compliance requirements
  • More data to manage, store
  • Need for on-demand analytics and reporting
  • Expanding data access requirements
  • Growing operational expenses as you try to maintain performance

IBM Security Guardium provides the power of a big data platform – purpose-built for data security requirements.

The platform allows users to augment existing data security solutions, enriching it with the ability to quickly create an optimized security data lake that retains large quantities of historical data over long time horizons to deliver new, enriched analytics insights while reducing costs and delivering near-real time reporting.

The solution offers agility, enables speed, flexibility, and reduces costs, according to Wiggins and Casco-Arias.

Easily consumable insights help improve data security posture and time to information.

Big data security analytics on enriched data provide insights on:

  • Trusted connection profiling
  • Data-specific user activity analytics
  • Privileged access and change reconciliation
  • SIEM integration optimization

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.