Get the Secret to Creating a 360-Degree Customer View at Data Summit 2018

Companies are collecting vast troves of information about their customers today, but to leverage the full value of that information they need the right tools and technologies, according to Zak Pines, VP-Marketing, Bedrock Data, who will present a session at Data Summit titled “Overcoming Data Silos to Get a Unified View of Customers."

Data Summit 2018 will take place at the Hyatt Regency Boston, May 22-23, with pre-conference workshops on Monday, May 21. Cognitive Computing Summit and Hadoop Day will also be co-located at the event.

A comprehensive, 360-degree view of customers makes generating more of the “right” customers possible and is also becoming more critical due to heightened customer expectations for businesses to know who they are and deliver quality experiences to them over time, says Pines.

However, achieving a single, multi-faceted view of the customer is becoming more difficult as greater amounts of customer data is spread across more applications and the number of communications channels through which customers are engaging with companies and brands increases. According to Gartner, less than 10% of companies can aggregate data for a customer view that can enable business growth.

To enable the comprehensive view, says Pines, organizations need to integrate their different data silos, a process which traditionally has been labor-intensive and time-consuming. Bedrock Data is focused on making that possible, and has found that the key is applying automation to how data is brought together, matching identities for a person across different datasets, de-duplicating data,  resolving conflicts between data, creating relationships between objects in a dataset, and enabling an on-demand warehouse that feeds into analytics, reporting, or BI tools. “This is how you can fulfill the elusive problem of the 360-degree customer view that to date has been a big challenge.”

Pines will provide a practical approach to achieving the 360-degree view of customers, along with the questions organizations should be asking of their business to ensure it is on a growth path. He will also cover emerging tools and techniques that can be used to connect marketing, sales, support, and finance data to power analytics with data that paints a holistic picture of customers.

Pines will present his talk on Tuesday, May 22, at 12 noon: Overcoming Data Silos to Get a Unified View of Customers

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