Getting Straight Talk About Oracle on VMware Licensing

VMware, in partnership with the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) is sponsoring a special DBTA webcast, “Straight Talk on Oracle on VMware Licensing,” on Thursday, March 19, at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET.

The webcast will feature moderator Don Sullivan, Oracle Certified Master VMware vExpert, and VMW CTO Ambassador; and presenters Dave Welch, CTO & chief evangelist, House of Brick Technologies; Daniel Hesselink, managing partner, License Consulting; and Dan Young, chief data architect, Indiana University.

At the center of many business-critical applications running on VMware virtualized infrastructure is the Oracle database management system, but often there is confusion regarding how to properly license Oracle software in those VMware environments.

To help customers correctly license their Oracle environments while optimizing their architecture, this webcast will provide a frank and direct conversation about how to properly adhere to existing contracts, as they exist presently and are available publicly, to correctly license virtualized infrastructure for Oracle.

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