Getting to Hadoop Success Faster by Way of Cloud

Hadoop is one of the best-known technologies within the big data realm. Much of its popularity can be attributed to its ability to provide inexpensive and reliable storage and analytics.

However, deploying a Hadoop environment is not a simple task. It requires numerous data steps for management and data access, data processing, and data storage.

To address these issues, Cloudera, which offers analytic data management based on Apache Hadoop, and CenturyLink, which provides managing services in the cloud, have formed a partnership.

The benefits of working with a cloud-based platform, including improvements in analytics, flexibility, and performance across the board compared to on-premise deployment, were showcased in a recent DBTA webcast presented by Kent Mitchell, senior business development evangelist at Cloudera, and Jeff Katzen, director of cloud business solutions at CenturyLink.

“This platform aims to differentiate itself through visibility, control, and automation,” stated Katzen. Pairing Hadoop with the cloud offers the benefits of lowering the cost of innovation, procuring large-scale resources, handling batch workloads efficiently, managing variable resource requirements, running closer to the data, and generally simplifying Hadoop operations.

The webcast provided a look at the end user experience delivered by the CenturyLink Cloud with a demonstration of how to set up Hadoop using a Cloudera instance in the cloud.

Currently, CenturyLink and Cloudera are offering a free trial of this platform for potential customers.

To view the webcast on-demand, go here.