Ghostery Brings TrackerMap to Oracle Marketing Cloud Customers

Most company websites have approximately 70 different types of third-party code on their websites, but typically only know about one-third of them, according to Ghostery, a technology company that provides solutions for online transparency and control to individuals and businesses. To help Oracle Marketing Cloud customers identify hidden tags that can diminish not only website performance and customer experience, but data security and search engine optimization, Ghostery launched TrackerMap Live on the Oracle Marketing AppCloud.

This new application aims to help users discover the interconnected ecosystem of code and third-party tags on a company’s website, which are often embedded in services such as ad networks, analytics tools, and social media widgets, and can result in undesirable consequences for websites.

According to the vendor, the application’s live feature also enhances a marketer’s ability to scan any page across the web for insight into the data leakage or performance issues that third parties can cause.

“The integration between Oracle Marketing Cloud and Ghostery TrackerMap Live addresses the convergence of two major business trends,” said Larry Furr, vice president of product at Ghostery. “Consumers are increasingly concerned about how their data is being collected and used online. At the same time, the complexity and rapid growth of cloud-based digital marketing tools used by companies must be managed to ensure security and a positive online customer experience. Ghostery technology operates at the cutting edge of B2B and B2C website security and transparency. We’re excited to bring this feature to Oracle Marketing Cloud and provide customers with added insights to the third parties that are loading on their pages.”

“We are committed to helping marketers extend and optimize their technology investments by providing the industry’s most comprehensive marketing technology ecosystem,” said Ryan Buma, vice president, Oracle Marketing AppCloud. “With the addition of Ghostery, marketers using the Oracle Marketing AppCloud will now be able to see which vendors are working with your competitors.”

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