GigaSpaces’ Latest Update Supports Digital Transformations

GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge, is releasing GigaSpaces 15.2, doubling performance and introducing the GigaOps Stack for DataOps functionality that simplifies and streamlines modern application development and deployment. 

Version 15.2 increases the velocity, reliability, and security of data processing and analytics in alignment with business goals, while freeing enterprises to develop and deploy modern time-sensitive and data-driven applications that support their digital transformation initiatives.

GigaSpaces Version 15.2 focuses on 3 major pillars including higher performance, simpler operations, and security hardening:

  • Higher Performance - GigaSpaces’ uniquely optimized data processing engine uses stream iterator techniques to double the speed of read intensive query results for both XAP and InsightEdge.
  • Simpler Operations - Version 15.2 introduces GigaOps Stack to reduce IT production management overhead, providing end-to-end provisioning, self-healing, auto-scaling, A/B testing, proactive-monitoring and distributed tracing.

GigaOps Stack includes:

  • ElasticGrid - a new cloud native alternative to Kubernetes that has the advantage of supporting on premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments with 20% improved performance compared with Kubernetes.
  • New Improved Ops Manager - originally released with GigaSpaces Version 15.0, the enhanced Ops Manager now automates data integration with any RDBMS or data warehouse, including the schema mapping, data model and indexing saving weeks of manual work to handle and maintain hundreds of tables.
  • gsctl – the official CLI for controlling GigaSpaces clusters, similar to kubectl and eksctl, enables GigaSpaces software to  be installed on a cluster across any cloud and on premise with one click, including provisioning resources and configuring network and security policies.
  • Monitoring Stack- a built-in stack based on InfluxDB, Grafana, Telegraf and Zipkin that simplifies operations by delivering pre-defined dashboards for real-time metrics and alerts, canary deployment monitoring and built-in tracing to easily identify latency bottlenecks.
  • Security Hardening with memory-level encryption and compression per property to adhere to privacy and GDPR regulations.

“Now, more than ever, the ability to effectively unlock business insights through the enterprises’ data that is dispersed among different platforms is imperative to create and maintain a competitive edge,” said Yoav Einav, vice president of product at GigaSpaces. “With Version 15.2 we continue to deliver on our goal to provide extreme performance and simplify the complexities of data lifecycle and management with a modern and cloud-native DataOps approach.”

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