GigaSpaces Partners with IBM and Wix to Create Open Platform for Enterprise Digital Innovation

GigaSpaces is partnering with IBM and Wix to design a joint Digital Acceleration Hub (DAH), aiming to accelerate the pace at which enterprises and start-ups can build and deploy new digital services.

The joint solution combines GigaSpaces’ high-performance in-memory data platform with the capabilities and cutting-edge technologies of IBM and Wix.         

In addition to accelerating the creation of new business applications, DAH also enables enterprises to incorporate innovative solutions from the start-up ecosystem, using a secure, simple and standardized integration process.

DAH brings a disruptive event-driven approach to enterprise data architecture, by decoupling digital services from the systems of record (SoR) that they currently rely on.

The enterprise offering is based on the following key components:

  • Multi-channel business applications (websites, mobile and social) using coding platforms
  • Microservices management
  • AI infusion that turns data into insights
  • Low-latency, high throughput, scalable Data Store
  • Seamless and open integration with various types of SoRs, both on-premise and on hybrid/multi-cloud environments
  • Smart CDC for real-time data replication into the DAH data store to ensure business continuity even when SoRs are down

“We are honored to be partnering with these two tech giants, IBM and Wix,” said Adi Paz, CEO of GigaSpaces. “As a company that has been partnering with enterprises throughout their digital transformation journey over the last decade, we are highly familiar with the hurdles and impediments of launching new digital services at scale. We are confident that DAH will help shorten development cycles and enable organizations to build digital services at unprecedented speed.”    

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