GigaSpaces and SanDisk Apply In-Memory Computing to Business Applications

GigaSpaces Technologies, a provider of in-memory computing and cloud orchestration technologies, and SanDisk Corp., a provider of flash storage solutions, have formed a partnership resulting in a new solution called GigaSpaces’ XAP MemoryXtend. The solution integrates SanDisk’s ZetaScale software, which optimizes applications to use flash technology, with GigaSpaces’ XAP in-memory computing platform. According to the companies, XAP MemoryXtend enables customers to store, process and analyze data near the speed of DRAM memory at the cost of flash storage and will support application data growth to hundreds of terabytes.

“Our new XAP MemoryXtend technology makes it easy for developers to take full advantage of the benefits of flash storage in order to enhance application performance, as well as easily visualize and create new solutions and use cases for SSD-based data centers,” said Zeev Bikowsky, CEO, GigaSpaces Technologies. “Working together with SanDisk, GigaSpaces customers will now be able to utilize flash technology to apply in-memory computing and real-time analytics to a broader set of business applications without purchasing additional underlying hardware infrastructure—helping them lower TCO and increase ROI.”

With XAP MemoryXtend real-time analytics and in-memory computing customers will be able to process larger datasets at near DRAM speed at the cost of flash storage thereby delivering more Transactions Per Second (TPS) per dollar.  XAP MemoryXtend is agnostic to the underlying flash storage and supports PCIe, SAS, SATA, DIMMs or NVMe flash storage devices from any vendor, giving customers flexibility to choose the device that fits their needs.

GigaSpaces XAP and XAP MemoryXtend are available now from GigaSpaces