Gigamon Applies Intelligent Filter to Data Center Traffic

Gigamon, a provider of traffic visibility solutions, has announced applications and enhancements designed to provide a new feature it calls “traffic intelligence.” Now built into its Unified Visibility Fabric, traffic intelligence is designed to add more granular filtering and forwarding to ensure that only the most relevant traffic passes through data center management infrastructures.

The challenge is that network architectures are evolving and network speeds continue to increase, said Shehzad Merchant, chief strategy officer at Gigamon.  "The advanced traffic filtering capabilities that we are bringing to market address a growing need for traffic intelligence built right into the Visibility Fabric."

Enhancements and new applications for the Unified Visibility Fabric include a GTP correlation application, which enables customers to filter and forward correlated subscriber traffic streams that are encapsulated using the GPRS Tunneling Protocol, or GTP, within 3G/4G/LTE environments.

GTP correlation also provides access to mobile Big Data caused by consumption and transmission of more voice, video, and data for work and leisure purposes across 3G and 4G/LTE networks. Adaptive Packet Filtering which offers the ability to look for content anywhere in the packet and make intelligent filtering and forwarding decisions. Filtering criteria includes advanced encapsulation protocols and/or inner packet contents beyond Layer 4. These updates enable basic application identification and protocol-aware filtering for packet filtering and distribution.

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