GitLab and IBM Launch GitLab IBM Cloud Pak to Accelerate Customers’ DevOps Journey

GitLab, provider of an application for the DevOps lifecycle, has announced a strategic partnership with IBM that places GitLab into the IBM Cloud and Cognitive businesses Cloud Pak. GitLab for IBM Cloud Pak will streamline team collaboration and increase team productivity with a complete DevOps platform.

GitLab offers a DevOps platform built from the ground up as a single application for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle enabling product, development, QA, security, and Operations teams to work concurrently on the same project. It provides a single data store, one user interface, and one permission model across the DevOps lifecycle, enabling teams to reduce cycle times through more efficient collaboration and enhanced focus.

According to the companies, AI via IBM Watson in combination with the ability of GitLab IBM Cloud Pak to drive DevOps maturity and transformation will enable customers to develop and deploy applications securely to the cloud environment of their choosing.

“The collaboration between IBM and GitLab brings together the best of our combined market leadership in software development to help customers reduce costs, speed up delivery and improve quality,” said Michelle Hodges, vice-president of global channels at GitLab. “We’re excited to build our relationship with IBM and support their customers to deploy applications to the trusted environment of their choosing, such as OpenShift, an IBM Z System, Google Cloud, or AWS.”

As organizations continue to shift to the cloud, they are acutely focused on building new cloud-native applications and modernizing existing applications to support cloud environments. To be successful though, they need to be able to do this in an open, portable manner where time to value can be improved and vendor lock-in can be avoided. With GitLab for IBM Cloud Pak, IBM customers that want to deploy an application to different resilient systems located on other environments such as IBM Z, Red Hat OpenShift, or bare metal servers, are enabled to automate and deploy management into those systems with ease. GitOps can also be taken advantage of as well as GitLab’s orchestration automation technology, which can be used in conjunction with GitLab pipelines.

“IBM customers want to build application suites using Cloud Paks to take advantage of technologies such as automation, machine learning, and IBM Watson. With this new partnership, GitLab and IBM deliver a complete solution to deploy into those workloads with ensured security and compliance,” said Evaistus Mainsah, general manager, IBM Cloud Private Ecosystem. "With GitLab, IBM customers get a complete toolchain to optimize the automation of software delivery for cloud modernization. Together our mutual customers get a unique, open and hybrid solution for DevOps."

GitLab for IBM Cloud Pak allows customers to compose their DevOps solution using GitLab, with the IBM guarantee. Support will be offered through IBM, providing help on pipeline running issues and working with GitLab support for more granular required assistance. GitLab fits within all of the current IBM Cloud Pak solutions which encompass Applications, Data, Integration, Automation, Multi Cloud Management, and Security. Developers can use GitLab to write in any language they want and deploy in any environment they choose from IBM options to Azure or Google Cloud.

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