Glassbeam Advances Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics with 3 New Products

Glassbeam, a big data applications company specializing in multi-structured machine data analytics, has introduced Glassbeam SCALAR, a cloud-based platform for organizing and analyzing complex machine data. Glassbeam has also introduced a new application, Glassbeam Explorer, and a new tool, Glassbeam Studio.

Glassbeam SCALAR is a modern platform for analytics on data from the Internet of Things, made up from the ever-increasing connected devices that are rapidly generating massive amounts of a wide variety of data.

Glassbeam SCALAR has fast, secure and scalable features. “Glassbeam SCALAR is about a hyper scale platform in the cloud that can take incoming streams of data or large files and can process that very quickly into multiple data structures,” said Puneet Pandit, CEO, Glassbeam, in an interview.

The new application, Glassbeam Explorer, and new tool, Glassbeam Studio, are designed to extend the core platform to search and analyze machine log data. Glassbeam Explorer, a cloud-based search and log management application that enables users to find, explore, analyze and visualize logs and other textual data, builds upon the application Glassbeam had previously announced called Glassbeam Search. “In the last few months, we got a lot of feedback from the market and our customers and we enhanced that application to provide a more intelligent search,” explained Pandit.

Glassbeam Explorer benefits business users who need pre-defined applications and not complex search languages.

Glassbeam Studio enables users to take raw machine data and convert that into Glassbeam’s programming language. The visual development tool uses advanced ETL and semantics to map unstructured logs to structured data for deeper analytics.

Glassbeam SCALAR and Glassbeam Explorer will be available on November 1, 2013, and Glassbeam Studio is available in beta. For more information on Glassbeam and Glassbeam SCALAR, visit