GoldenGate Software Announces Support for the New HP BladeSystem Matrix

GoldenGate Software Inc., a provider of high availability and real-time data integration solutions, has announced support for the new HP BladeSystem Matrix. Customers can now take advantage of the new, high performance hardware to enable greater flexibility and lower total cost of ownership.

GoldenGate provides high availability solutions for heterogeneous databases, operating systems and hardware platforms including HP-UX 11i, Linux, HP NonStop, Tru64 and Open VMS and is committed to supporting the HP user community running critical applications across a wide range of industry sectors. GoldenGate offers customers greater flexibility with a zero downtime operations solution as they migrate to the new HP BladeSystem Matrix environment. With the GoldenGate bi-directional data synchronization capabilities, customers can now migrate their critical applications without any database outage.

Standardizing on a HP BladeSystem for mission-critical applications offers customers a high performance, scalable and reliable infrastructure, and provides IT resources the tools to manage and maintain a single system that meets a variety of business needs, according to GoldenGate. By using GoldenGate solutions, customers can achieve continuous business operations by deploying a live standby instance or architect an active-active configuration within the HP BladeSystem environment. "In a live standby configuration, the source database is continually replicating new transactions to the target, however, no application activity is happening on that target," explains Chris McAllister, senior director of product management for GoldenGate. "In active-active, the same replication process is occurring; however, application transactions are also being processed simultaneously against both the source and target," McAllister tells 5 Minute Briefing.

GoldenGate has been supporting numerous different HP platforms for over 14 years, and the support of the HP BladeSystem is a natural continuation of that business relationship. Using GoldenGate's software, customers can now migrate from legacy systems to the new BladeSystem Matrix without experiencing downtime. GoldenGate and HP have already seen a number of existing customers deploy the new HP BladeSystem Matrix platform utilizing GoldenGate's software, and other customers are now starting to sign contracts to migrate. For more information on GoldenGate Software, go here. For more information on the HP BladeSystem Matrix, go here.