Good News: Your Database is About to be Autonomous!

DBAs may think that machine learning cannot possibly perform all of their tasks and but it is entirely feasible and likely that the machine learning functionalities will perform all of the tasks of an operational DBA - or will very soon, writes Eric Mader in the fourth installment of a six-part article series by editors of IOUG SELECT and Big Data Quarterly on "The Changing Role of the Modern DBA."

"The autonomous database represents an opportunity for any DBA to shift from tedious and time-consuming operational tasks, and instead focus on application and development database efforts such as schema and query design and debugging, and integrating database services with developed applications and services higher in the deployment stack," Mader notes. "These tasks involve human creativity and are unlikely to ever be replaced by machine learning."

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This six-part series includes three articles appearing on SELECT and three articles appearing on Big Data Quarterly.

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