GoodData Adds New Suite of UI Capabilities  to Make Analytics Pervasive

GoodData, a provider of embedded and distributed analytics, has launched GoodData Spectrum, a suite of user interface (UI) capabilities to help deliver the right insights to line-of-business users at their point of work.

The GoodData platform provides insights in the form of recommendations and predictive analytics. According to the company, this takes the guesswork out of identifying mission-critical insights by delivering the analytics that matter most for real-time decision making.

GoodData Spectrum includes three user interaction frameworks:

  • The GoodData.UI enables building of custom applications from thousands of ready-made, commercial, open source and custom components. Data visualizations can be embedded and customized in a few lines of code, no iFrames involved. 
  • KPI Dashboards allow users to track KPI changes over time, comparing current values to previous periods. Users can also set alerts and be notified when KPIs reach a certain threshold. Interactive dashboards can be saved and published to other users, and embedded into Web applications.
  • The Analytic Designer allows business users to easily explore curated datasets and discover new insights. Using pre-packaged or custom visualizations and automated actions, no training is needed to support strategic decision-making and publishing.

“Analytics within organizations today is no longer about one-size-fits-all with low adoption rather, analytics is now critical to everyday business success,” said Roman Stanek, CEO at GoodData. “With GoodData Spectrum, we now enable data and insights to support the complete range of business decisions.”

More information is available from GoodData.