GoodData Enhances Accelerator Toolkit to Improve Data Analytics in Apps

GoodData, a provider of end-to-end analytics solutions, has added new capabilities to its Accelerator Toolkit, which is used by organizations to add data analytics into the natural flow of applications. “Achieving actionable insights from data is the make-it-or-break-it competitive advantage that all companies need, and GoodData continues to push innovation to make analytics everywhere possible,” said Zdenek Svoboda, co-founder and vice president of product, GoodData.

New tools make the React.js components library, GoodData.UI, which was released last year, easier and faster to use. GoodData.UI gives customers more options to build analytical user interfaces.

With GoodData.UI, developers build applications from ready-made and custom React components, and customize visualizations in just a few lines of code. No iframes are involved in the process. That means product engineers can more easily create analytics that blend into applications, and their UIs — but still with advanced capabilities. The user interfaces can also be domain specific, as opposed to the general purpose analytics tools that dominate the market.

Enhancements to the Accelerator Toolkit and continuous additions to the components in the GoodData.UI library enable more companies and product designers, not just engineers, to build highly analytical applications, giving them flexibility while cutting development time and implementation costs.

Additionally, with GoodData.UI, it is now possible to display insights or existing visualizations from the GoodData platform using visual components as well as create new visual components to address specific analytical needs.

The ease-of-use created by the Accelerator Toolkit and GoodData.UI library dovetails with broader GoodData efforts to drive analytics everywhere, including with introduction of Freemium pricing last year, intended for smaller companies diving into analytics.

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