GoodData Provides Dashboard Plugins for Customers Personalization

GoodData, a provider of data and analytics infrastructure, is offering new dashboard plugins that enable enhanced capabilities for dashboards customization without the need of GoodData support.

With the creation of dashboard plugins, GoodData customers are able to tailor their default dashboards experience with custom code based on the low-code GoodData.UI SDK for custom application development.

They can modify existing visualizations, create new visuals, and build custom navigation and logic within the dashboard, or even integrate third-party content that interacts with the dashboard.

Widely requested by customers, these plugins empower front-end developers to easily tailor existing GoodData dashboards without the need to build a front-end application from scratch. This is another step in the company’s journey toward widespread data literacy and accessibility, according to the vendor.

“With the explosion of the data analytics industry, the importance for data insights to be readable and adaptable by anyone at an organization is insurmountable if you wish to grow a successful business. By adding capabilities such as these dashboard plugins, we are prioritizing developer experience and allowing our clients to experience a simpler-than-ever analytics experience,” said GoodData founder and CEO Roman Stanek. “This level of accessibility builds upon our low-code/no-code mindset by allowing anyone at a company to tap into the organization's data assets, services, and integrations—or data fabric—and compose new data-driven applications and solutions.”

GoodData is deepening the accessibility rooted in its GoodData.UI launch by allowing clients to leverage the dashboard plugins to integrate the customer’s data/UI widgets into the GoodData dashboards.

This level of flexibility and customization will close the loop on GoodData’s goal to produce a fully composable UI, according to the company.

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