Google Cloud Debuts New Innovations to Unlock New Potential and Elevate Customer Experiences

Google unveiled a variety of new services and innovations that allow customers to work with limitless data, across all workloads, and extend access to everyone. These new enhancements were revealed during its Data Cloud Summit.

Available in preview, BigLake is built to unify data warehouses and lakes to extend BigQuery’s capabilities, gain access control and performance acceleration across multicloud storage over a single copy of data.

Managing data across disparate warehouses and lakes creates silos, increasing risk and cost, especially when data needs to be moved. BigLake eliminates the need to duplicate or move data from a source, reducing cost and inefficiencies.    

The company also announced Spanner change streams, allowing customers to track changes within their Spanner database and easily access and integrate this data with other systems to unlock new value from data. 

Now generally available, Vertex AI Workbench brings data and ML systems into a single interface so that teams have a common toolset across data analytics, data science, and machine learning. Now customers can access their BigQuery directly from within Vertex AI Workbench. 

A new service available in preview, Vertex AI Model Registry provides a central repository for discovering, using, and governing machine learning models, including those in BigQuery ML. Vertex AI Model Registry makes it easy for data scientists to share models and application developers to consume, which means that they can easily turn data into real-time prediction and decisions, and to generally be more agile in the face of shifting market dynamics.

Google Cloud’s business intelligence (BI) products are coming closer together to expand access to data and make it easier than ever for everyone to unlock new insights that drive innovation.

With Connected Sheets for Looker and the ability to access Looker data models in Data Studio, this new unified experience provides customers with a single and secure access point to experience data however they choose, whether that be through a Looker Explore, from a Google Sheet, or using the drag-and-drop Data Studio interface.

The new Database Migration Program helps customers quickly and seamlessly accelerate the move from, on-premises and other clouds, to Google’s industry-leading managed database services. This includes tooling, resources, and expertise from partners and incentive funding to offset the cost of migrating databases to Google Cloud.

Other key updates in the Partner Ecosystem include a new Cloud Ready - BigQuery Initiative, a preview of Analytics Hub for partner data sets on Google Cloud, and an announcement that more than 700 partner applications have been built on BigQuery. 

Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery is a new designation that recognizes partner solutions, like those of Informatica and Fivetran, that have met a core set of functional and interoperability requirements. We’re announcing more than 25 launch partners in this initiative.

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