Google Cloud Migration Service for MySQL and PostgreSQL is Now GA

Google Cloud has announced that Database Migration Service (DMS) is generally available to support enterprises migrating their business infrastructure, and their databases, to the cloud. 

The announcement was made via blog post by Shachar Guz, product manager.

“We’re excited to announce that Google Cloud’s Database Migration Service (DMS) is generally available, supporting MySQL and PostgreSQL migrations from on-premises and other clouds to Cloud SQL. Later this year we will introduce support for Microsoft SQL Server,” said Guz. Enterprises are modernizing their business infrastructure with managed cloud services. They want to leverage the reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness of fully managed cloud databases like Cloud SQL. In November, we launched the new, serverless DMS as part of our vision for meeting these modern needs in an easy, fast, predictable, and reliable way.”

Guz added, “We’ve seen accelerated adoption of DMS, including customers such as Accenture, Comoto, DoiT, Freedom Financial Network, Ryde and Samsung, who are migrating their MySQL and PostgreSQL production workloads to Cloud SQL. DMS provides these customers the power to migrate quickly and with minimal disruption to their services.”


According to Guz, DMS’s unique migration method, which utilizes both MySQL and PostgreSQL’s native replication capabilities, maximizes security, fidelity and reliability. “These like-to-like migrations to Cloud SQL are high-fidelity, and the destination database is ready to go after cutover, without the hassle of extra steps, and at no additional charge,” he said.


With DMS’ serverless architecture, don’t have to be concerned with provisioning or managing migration-specific resources. Migrations are high performance, minimizing downtime no matter the scale. DMS also keeps migrated data secure, supporting multiple methods of private connectivity between source and destination databases.