Google Cloud and Elastic Form Partnership

Elastic and Google have formed a partnership to bring managed support of Elastic’s open source search and analytics platform to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The partnership will provide customers a managed open source search and analytics solution that leverages GCP’s high performance global network and scale.

According to a blog post on the Google website by Shay Banon, “A few years ago, we joined forces with the best hosted and managed Elasticsearch service today known as the Elastic Cloud. We've always had the vision that Elastic Cloud could be run on multiple cloud platforms or within a customer's enterprise. I'm thrilled to announce a new partnership with Google to offer Elastic Cloud on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to give developers even more choice.”

Elastic and GCP have shared customers, including eBay, The New York Times, Shopify, Verizon, and Quizlet.

The Elastic Stack - (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash) offers search, log analysis and visualization for search, logging, security, metrics, and analytics.

According to Banon, developers currently have the ability to use the Elastic Stack and X-Pack on GCP with a self-managed deployment, but with this partnership, users will have the option to easily launch a customized and managed cluster via Elastic Cloud on GCP.

The companys says that developers will benefit from the new partnership by getting a hosted and managed Elasticsearch and Kibana offering, the newest versions of Elastic’s software, commercial features including security, alerting, monitoring, graph, and reporting, and support from Elastic engineers.

The new offering will be available in the second half of 2017.