Google Combines AI and the Cloud by Introducing Duet AI

Google announced it is expanding the Duet AI in Google Cloud preview with new capabilities, offering AI assistance across a wide range of Google Cloud products and services to serve more cloud users—spanning developers, operators, data practitioners, and cybersecurity professionals.

Being a critical part of Google’s overall AI effort, Duet AI is revolutionizing the way users work with Google Cloud, which helps customers boost their productivity, gain competitive advantages, and ultimately improve the bottom line, according to the company.

Duet AI in Google Cloud provides expert assistance across the entire software development lifecycle. This includes code generation, source citation, test coverage, designing and publishing APIs, migrating, and modernizing applications, and much more.

With Duet AI, developers can use natural language to quickly understand complex code and APIs, follow best coding practices, quickly generate unit tests, and more.

Duet AI’s code and chat assistance are available in development environments such as the Google Cloud console, Cloud Workstations, and Cloud Shell Editor.

 In addition, through Cloud Code IDE extensions, users can also find Duet AI in third-party IDEs such as VSCode and JetBrains IDEs like CLion, GoLand, IntelliJ, PyCharm, Rider and WebStorm.

The new powerful developer features into Duet AI that push the boundary of AI code assistance include:

  • Application modernization: Duet AI can help you modernize your applications faster by assisting you with code refactoring.
  • Context-aware code generation: We have started to work with select enterprises to allow Duet AI to be customized with organization-specific knowledge from their libraries and code base to generate context-aware code suggestions.
  • API Management and Application integration: Using Duet AI in our integration services such as Apigee API Management and Application Integration, developers can now easily design, create and publish APIs using simple natural language prompts.

Duet AI can help automate deployments, ensure applications are configured correctly, quickly understand and debug issues, and can create more secure and reliable applications.

Duet AI in BigQuery provides contextual assistance for writing SQL and Python to access and analyze data, which can allow data teams to focus more on logic and outcomes. It can generate full functions and code blocks, auto-suggest code completions, and explain your code and SQL queries. Duet AI focuses on understanding data and its usage patterns to assist in analysis by suggesting what questions to ask. 

Google’s vision for Duet AI in Looker is to enable every decision maker to get to the right insight, at the right time, in the right format. With Duet AI in Looker, it enables conversational data analysis, automatic generation of presentations, intelligent text summaries based on your reports, the use of natural language to create calculations and visualizations, as well as the ability to rapidly generate LookML models.

With Duet AI in Cloud Spanner, users can generate code to structure, modify, or query data using natural language.

In addition, to make it easier to modernize databases, Google is bringing the power of Duet AI to the Database Migration Service (DMS). Duet AI in DMS helps automate the conversion of database code that could not be converted with traditional translation technologies, such as stored procedures, functions, triggers, packages, and custom PL/SQL code.

Furthermore, Duet AI helps security professionals prevent threats, reduce toil in their security workflows, and uplevel security talent—and it’s now integrated into security products such as Chronicle Security Operations, Mandiant Threat Intelligence and Security Command Center.

Duet AI can quickly summarize and classify threat information, translate natural language searches into queries, and provide suggested next steps to remediate issues, which can reduce time for detection and response and make overworked security professionals more productive.

Duet AI was trained to deliver smarter, contextual recommendations. To serve Google Cloud users better, Google trained and fine-tuned the AI foundation models with Google Cloud-specific content such as documentation, code examples, and Google Cloud best practices.

Duet AI in Google Cloud is available in preview today.

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