Google Unveils Memorystore for Memcached

Google is launching its Memorystore platform for Memcached, an open source, in-memory data store that is a caching layer for databases.

In a blog post by Gopal Ashok, product manager for Memorystore, the company highlights the announcement.

Using Memcached as a front-end store not only provides an in-memory caching layer for faster query processing, but it can also help save costs by reducing the load on your back-end databases.

Using Memorystore for Memcached provides several important benefits:

  • Memorystore for Memcached is fully open source protocol compatible. If you are migrating applications using self-deployed Memcached or other cloud providers, you can simply migrate your application with zero code changes.
  • Memorystore for Memcached is fully managed. All the common tasks that you spend time on, like deployment, scaling, managing node configuration on the client, setting up monitoring, and patching, are all taken care of. You can focus on building your applications.
  • Right-sizing a cache is a common challenge with distributed caches. The scaling feature of Memorystore for Memcached, along with detailed open source Memcached monitoring metrics, allows you to scale your instance up and down easily to optimize for your cache-hit ratio and price. With Memorystore for Memcached, you can scale your cluster up to 5 TB per instance.
  • Auto-discovery protocol lets clients adapt to changes programmatically, making it easy to deal with changes to the number of nodes during scaling. This drastically reduces manageability overhead and code complexity.
  • You can monitor your Memorystore for Memcached instances with built-in dashboards in the Cloud Console and rich metrics in Cloud Monitoring.
  • Memorystore for Memcached can be accessed from applications running on Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), App Engine Flex, App Engine Standard, and Cloud Functions.

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