Google and SAP Form a Patent and Licensing Partnership Agreement

SAP and Google Inc are entering a patent cross licensing agreement, covering the companies’ existing patents and those filed over the next five years.

“We are pleased to enter into this agreement with a leading global technology company like SAP and welcome discussions with any company interested in similar arrangements,” said Kirk Dailey, head of patent transactions at Google. “Cross-license agreements like this enable companies to focus on bringing great products and services to consumers around the world.”

The agreement advances the relationship between the companies, which joined the LOT Network in 2014, a community-based patent-licensing agreement designed to reduce for its members patent troll litigation and the growing practice of patent privateering.

“Giving talented engineers and developers the freedom to build great products is key to promoting innovation,” said Tony DiBartolomeo, chief IP counsel at SAP. “Patent cross-license agreements like this one increase freedom to operate and prevent distractions from unnecessary patent litigation. And, like Google, SAP welcomes similar discussions with like-minded companies.”

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