Google and SAP Partner to Provide SAP HANA Platforms on Google Cloud

The SAP HANA express edition platform is now available from Google Cloud Launcher, allowing users the space to grow and gain real-time insights.

“SAP and Google are coming together to provide some great things,” said Ken Tsai, vice president, head of cloud platform & data management at SAP. “This year HANA will be a major piece of our product releases, making sure customers can really gain value from the platform everywhere customers have requirements in terms of deploying their solutions.”

SAP HANA on GCP will be able to deliver real-time insights and run mission-critical applications and analytics on a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. GCP will provide an automated provisioning capability of certified SAP HANA instances to deliver enterprise-grade security, high availability, disaster recovery, and scalability.

SAP HANA, express edition comes with a fully functional application development environment where users can develop and build data-driven applications before deploying productively in the cloud.

Additionally SAP is working on making the SAP Cloud Platform available on GCP.

As another element of this partnership, the two companies are collaborating to offer data visibility and data custodian capabilities for SAP on Google Cloud Platform, over time, leveraging SAP’s expertise in governance risk and compliance initially.

SAP Cloud Platform’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution is now integrated with Google Suite and GCP. This allows customers to easily and securely connect SAP with Google Suite or GCP and give access to their users to any application from any device at any time.

The software is available to developers for free for building applications with a 32 GB memory-use limit. If additional memory use is desired, developers can purchase a term license from SAP Store that can be applied to SAP HANA, express edition, on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google Compute Engine provides multiple machine types, enabling developers to start small and grow flexibly as needed.

“The two companies are synergistic and we’re very happy….There are great innovations in other areas that through this collaboration we can embrace in our solutions,” Tsai said.

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