Grafana Labs Acquires Pyroscope to Accelerate Continuous Profiling Projects

Grafana Labs, the open and composable monitoring and observability company, is announcing its recent acquisition of Pyroscope, the open source, continuous profiling project company. The acquisition will manifest as an update to Grafana Phlare, now dubbed Grafana Pyroscope.

Grafana Pyroscope (previously Grafana Phlare), is an open source database for continuous profiling at massive scale. Continuous profiling captures information about resource usage within the program, compressing and storing these details as time series data. This enables users to gain a more comprehensive view of program impact, as well as aiding in optimizing performance and reducing cost, according to the company.

Grafana’s acquisition of Pyroscope will serve to deepen the understanding of application performance, allowing developers to visualize their profiling data and correlate it with their metrics, logs, and traces, according to the vendor.

“We share with Grafana Labs strong roots in open source and a belief that the developer experience is essential for helping engineering teams build, maintain, and operate great software,” said Ryan Perry, co-founder and CEO of Pyroscope. “We’re excited to bring our expertise and collaborate with the team.”

By combining both companies’ drives for expanding the reach of continuous profiling, accelerating upcoming plans for Grafana—including the incorporation of profiling capabilities to its fully managed observability platform, Grafana Cloud.

“We’ve admired the work that the Pyroscope team has done, and feel that the combination of Pyroscope, Phlare, and Grafana will really help bring continuous profiling to the masses,” said Tom Wilkie, CTO at Grafana Labs. “They’ve built a great community around continuous profiling, and we’re looking forward to working with both the team and the community to advance the state of the art in profiling technology.”

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