Grafana Labs Announces $50 Million Funding Round to Accelerate R&D

Grafana Labs has raised $50 million in a Series B funding round, which will be used to accelerate its product roadmap in key areas across its composable observability platform, which allows customers to mix and match best-of-breed open and proprietary data sources.

Grafana Labs supports organizations’ monitoring, visualization, and observability goals through a platform built around Grafana open source software for monitoring and metrics analytics and visualization. 

Led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, the oversubscribed round also included additional investment from Lead Edge Capital. Both are existing investors that participated in the company’s first institutional financing in October 2019.

Since then, the company has seen significant adoption of leading open source technologies, including its Loki project for logging, the CNCF Prometheus project for metrics, and Grafana itself. Grafana has become the de facto dashboarding software, enabling everyone from hobbyists to the world’s largest enterprises to unify data from disparate sources. Over the last year, the company has also scaled up its sales and marketing teams, and has grown to over 170 employees in 20 countries.

Grafana Labs is also announcing the Grafana Accelerator Program (GAP) to encourage early stage companies and side projects that are innovating in the wider Grafana ecosystem. GAP will provide free Grafana Cloud and Grafana Enterprise subscriptions, cash grants, equity financing, and inside access to the core Grafana Labs developers.

“Grafana Labs’ growth is a testament to one of our core missions of helping people unify and understand their data wherever it lives, giving them complete freedom in choosing their own observability strategy. This allows users to query data natively at its source in real time, rather than having to move, store and pay for data in yet another database. Their existing data can be combined with Prometheus metrics and Loki logs, and available on Grafana Cloud, giving them a truly complete understanding of their complex systems,” said Raj Dutt, co-founder and CEO of Grafana Labs.

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