Grafana Labs Announces General Release of Cortex 1.0

Grafana Labs, the company behind open source projects including Grafana and Loki, is releasing Cortex v1.0, enabling users to streamline real time queries.

“For large organizations looking for an ‘enterprise-ready’ Prometheus system that can deploy at high scale and reliability, Cortex is the answer,” said Tom Wilkie, VP product at Grafana Labs and Cortex author. “Cortex has really hit the mainstream this past year helping enterprises adopt Prometheus, and leading the charge to deliver a scalable solution with blazing fast Prometheus metrics.”

Cortex enables high-performance Prometheus queries, allowing users to run real time queries against tens of billions of data points.

To date, the Cortex project has attracted 2,500 stargazers on GitHub and almost 100 contributors, with maintainers from four different companies, including Microsoft and Splunk.

Cortex, an open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project, is a scalable, durable, and fast Prometheus-compatible monitoring system.

Prometheus was the second project to be accepted into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation—after Kubernetes—and has become the de facto standard monitoring system for Kubernetes.

Grafana Labs offers hosted Prometheus powered by Cortex as part of Grafana Cloud, its fully managed logging and metrics platform, as well as Enterprise Support subscriptions for organizations running Cortex on premise.

Cortex has been used in production at select locations for more than three years, including at Grafana Labs.

Now it is ready for wider enterprise adoption: Cortex v1.0 offers production documentation, turn-key Grafana dashboards and Prometheus alerts, and an easy-to-use “single process” mode.

Grafana Labs also offers enterprise services and support for organizations running Cortex on premise, including support and training from Cortex maintainers and experts; and 24 x 7 x 365 coverage from the geographically distributed Grafana Labs team.

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