GraphDB 9.0 Open Sources Its Front End and Engine Plugins to Support Knowledge Graph Solutions

Ontotext has announced GraphDB 9.0, which is aimed at lowering the effort required for development and continuous operation of knowledge graphs by opening multiple integration extension points for its users and developers.

GraphDB is a database for managing semantic information with more than 30 large production installations in big enterprises. With the growing complexity of enterprise data integration, many organizations are starting the journey of building knowledge graphs. 

According to Ontotext, GraphDB 9.0 is a landmark release due to the ease of development and continuous operations, as well as other capabilities. The new release features a major redesign of the database Plugin API that simplifies the way to implement complex software logic next to the core database engine. Ontotext releases multiple plugins to the community as open-source, demonstrating how to solve common tasks such as data virtualization (see MongoDB Plugin), a complex ranking of search results (see Autocomplete Plugin), new types of indexing (GeoSPARQL plugin) and advanced graph analytics (see RDFRank plugin). 

With this release, GraphDB Workbench also becomes a separate open source project enabling the fast development of knowledge graph prototypes starting from the default AngularJS administrative interface. Further, the product includes an open-source GraphDB.js driver optimized for Node.js and other rapid development frameworks.

The product continues to support OpenJDK 8 for its existing clients, and also every new Oracle Java Long Term Support (LTS) version. GraphDB 9.0 continues to support the RDF open source community and is now aligned to RDF4J version 3.0.

More information is available from Ontotext about GraphDB.