Grasping the Importance of Cybersecurity at Data Summit 2017

Data security is making headlines more frequently these days as breaches become a common daily occurrence. The implications are wide-reaching and span the healthcare, financial services, government, manufacturing industries and more.

At Data Summit 2017, Robert Pearl, president of Pearl Knowledge Solutions, will examine the types of emerging cyber threats and how enterprises can stay ahead of the game by using the right tools to secure data.

Data Summit 2017 takes place May 16-17 at the New York Hilton Midtown, with pre-conference workshops on May 15.

“The intersection of the physical and digital world continues to deepen with the widespread adoption of connected devices,” Pearl said. Everyone has a smartphone these days - but they need to be beware they are being tracked, and consider why it seems so easy to acquiesce to the loss of privacy for convenience.

The growth of the digital economy will not shrink, he explained, and attendees need to be aware of the common types of cyberattacks, and how to protect themselves against them.

“Every time you turn on the evening news, you hear about some sensational stories that either classified intelligence was leaked, emails at the highest levels of government hacked, millions of accounts comprised, and personal data breaches,” Pearl said. “Identity theft is a big topic that is occurring more and more frequently.  This is a very timely subject that I believe attendees can benefit in attending, in both their businesses and personal lives. “

This will be Pearl’s first time presenting at Data Summit and he is looking forward to learning all he can by attending other sessions and meeting other data professionals.

“I briefly attended another year, but I am most excited to attend this year – and of course this is my first time speaking at Data Summit – and it is an honor and a privilege,” Pearl said.

He predicts this year at the Summit attendees will gravitate towards the field of predictive analytics, virtualization, and of course, ways to secure data in a digital world.

“I think folks across all industries (financial, healthcare, media, etc.) should attend this amazing super summit, especially CIOs, IT managers and all data professionals who will certainly benefit in taking away some very useful and important knowledge, data strategies and trends,” Pearl said. “I look forward to meeting many of you there!”

Pearl’s session, “Securing Your Data From Emerging Cyber Threats,” will be presented at Data Summit on Tuesday, May 16, at 10:45 am.

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