Graylog Debuts its Cloud Solution, Erases the Hassle of Updating Systems

Graylog, a global provider of next-generation log management solutions, is releasing Graylog Cloud, offering choices to customers who want seamless data collection, rapid search, flexible analysis, and greater affordability without the hassle of maintaining and updating the systems it runs on.

“Graylog Cloud is our full-featured Enterprise log management platform plus all the benefits the cloud has to offer,” said Lennart Koopmann, founder, and CTO of Graylog. “Infrastructure and maintenance associated with on-premise deployments can be a significant burden for many organizations. For those who want ‘log management done right’ and not worry about system management, Graylog Cloud is the perfect choice.”

For IT professionals who solve security, operational, and application support issues, Graylog Cloud offers infrastructure cost savings coupled with immediate operational agility so organizations can quickly find meaning in data and take action.

Graylog Cloud offers:

  • Industry-leading 90 days of live data and 1 year of archived data included, ensuring everything needed for daily work is at the ready
  • 9% uptime SLA provides confidence that Graylog Cloud is there when needed
  • Full control of the customer environment for maximum flexibility and speed in adding new data sources, processing rules, search templates, alerts, visualizations, reports, and unlimited users
  • The assurance of a SOC2 Type II certified environment
  • All the features of Graylog Enterprise v4.0, including Graylog Illuminate for pre-built data visualizations of supported data sets
  • Built-in integration with IPinfo for fast, reliable IP address information that automatically enriches log data processed by Graylog Cloud

In addition to offering Graylog Enterprise, Graylog’s official cloud launch partners have been trained and certified on Graylog Cloud.

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