Graylog Provides Log Management Support for MongoDB

Graylog, which provides the Graylog open source log management platform, has announced a MongoDB plug-in that integrates directly with the MongoDB database profiler to collect, parse, normalize, and aggregate log events from the profiler, thus enabling Graylog’s search and analysis tools to help easily find and fix issues.

According to Graylog, the MongoDB database profiler was designed as an event log to help DevOps teams troubleshoot MongoDB performance issues. But with potentially millions of events written to the profiler each day, identifying problematic queries by hand is difficult. The Graylog Plug-in for MongoDB helps Dev and Ops teams perform database performance troubleshooting, making it easy to collect, centralize, and analyze the contents of the profiler.

The Graylog Plug-in for MongoDB seamless integration with the MongoDB database profiler for easy install and configuration; visual analysis of query performance used to quickly pinpoint slow running queries; query “fingerprinting” to help identify common query types that are causing performance issues; configurable alerts to notify when database performance is degrading; and full application stack visibility when used in conjunction with other Graylog plug-ins.

 “We make it easy and affordable for AppDev teams to troubleshoot performance issues during the development process,” said Michael Sklar, CEO of Graylog. “Then Graylog can also be used by IT Ops teams to keep the application stack running smoothly once deployed to production. Instead of operating in silos, AppDev and IT Ops teams can use the same tool to communicate more effectively.”

 The free MongoDB plug-in is available immediately at      

Enterprise service and support packages are also available at