Greenplum Announces 'Enterprise Data Cloud' Platform

Greenplum Software, a data infrastructure company, has introduced what it calls the industry's first commercially available "Enterprise Data Cloud" platform. Called Greenplum Chorus, the solution offers self-service provisioning, data collaboration and data services features to complement traditional enterprise data warehouses. "Greenplum Chorus is a distributed software platform that is run on premises within an enterprise - potentially spanning multiple data centers and encompassing tens or hundreds of warehouses and marts," Ben Werther, director of product management for Greenplum, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The product is available under subscription or perpetual licensing models, Werther adds.

Greenplum also announced a major release of the company's database software. Greenplum Database 4.0 introduces the next generation of advanced workload management and self-healing fault tolerance capabilities, enabling it to power data warehouses and marts of any scale and complexity. Greenplum Database 4.0 also powers the databases provisioned by Greenplum Chorus.

Greenplum Chorus is designed to provide all types of enterprise users the key services necessary for organizations wrestling with all data, big and small, structured and unstructured, to realize the benefits of private cloud computing techniques and social collaboration for enterprise data warehousing and analytics.

"The idea of the single enterprise data warehouse as the home for all data simply hasn't come to fruition," Werther says. "But increasingly it is locked down by compliance and process requirements, and is simply not a place for data analysts to do innovative work on large new important datasets." Greenplum's Enterprise Data Cloud initiative is intended to "leverage commodity computing and private cloud-computing ideas to break down the internal walls between data silos and give analysts the freedom to derive business insight from them."

Greenplum Chorus is powered by the Greenplum Data Hypervisor, a distributed cloud-scale execution framework that manages complex cross-database state, data movement and orchestration in a fault-tolerant and self-healing manner.

Additional features included with Chorus include dynamic query prioritization, which extends Greenplum's Advanced Workload Management with technology providing continuous real-time balancing of the resources of the entire cluster across all running queries. This gives DBAs the controls they need to meet workload SLAs in complex mixed workload environments. The platform also includes self-healing fault tolerance, which provides intelligent fault-detection and fast online differential recovery, lowering TCO and enabling cloud-scale systems with the highest levels of availability.

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