Greenplum Offers Data Warehousing Self-Service with Enterprise Data Cloud Initiative

Greenplum, a provider of database software for the next generation of data warehousing and analytics, has unveiled its Enterprise Data Cloud (EDC) initiative. The EDC Initiative is a new vision for bringing the power of self-service to data warehousing and analytics, encompassing the primary areas of platform (the EDC platform, based on self-service provisioning, elastic scale and massively parallel processing), methodology (an agile approach to data analytics that embraces large-scale data collection, getting data into the hands of business users, and iterating quickly), and ecosystem (customers and partners that embrace these new capabilities with tools, infrastructure and creative methodologies).

The EDC platform is a software-based platform that enables enterprises to create and manage any number of data warehouses and data marts that can be deployed across a common pool of physical, virtual, or public cloud infrastructure. Key building blocks of the EDC platform include self-service provisioning (providing analysts and DBAs the ability to provision new data warehouses and data marts in minutes with a single click), massive scale and elastic expansion (the ability to load, store, and manage data at petabyte scale, and dynamically expand the size of the system without system downtime), and a highly optimized parallel database core.

"This is a response to existing customer demands to make it easier for them to deploy and scale data warehouses and data marts as needed within their own enterprises," Ben Werther, director of product management for Greenplum, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It is a new model where business and IT personnel can work more closely together to break down data silos and dynamically carve out the infrastructure needed to provision new data warehouses running on their own internal systems. Customers can start with just one data warehouse if needed and then provision more warehouses on the same infrastructure as their business needs grow."

Greenplum has also announced the general availability of Greenplum Database 3.3, which introduces key new features such as online system expansion (giving customer the flexibility to resize their Greenplum Database systems as their business needs dictate), the pgAdmin III administration console (the popular open source administration and development platform), and scalability-optimized management commands. The Greenplum Database is architected from the ground up as a software-only, agile solution and already supports many of the key building blocks of the Enterprise Data Cloud platform. Greenplum Database's EDC capabilities will be further refined in a series of product releases over the coming twelve months that will enhance automation, provisioning and management of Enterprise Data Cloud platforms.

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