Greenwave Systems and CUJO AI Partner to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Greenwave Systems, Inc. is partnering with CUJO AI to fight cyber attacks by providing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) an end-to-end home security solution for home network users.

Greenwave Systems is the global software leader for managed services. CUJO AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that provides telecommunications companies a multi-solution AI-driven software platform.

CUJO AI is designed to protect home network users who lack secure devices, where over 1 million threats per day from viruses go undetected.

CUJO AI blocks an average of 50 threats per user, each month, protecting home users from these external, unseen threats. CUJO AI offers the essential building blocks required to succeed in home automation, including AI network security, AI device intelligence and semantic parental controls. 

CUJO AI analyzes device behavior through threat intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing. It offers AI network security, device intelligence, and semantic parental controls. This complete home security package reduces costs and delivers additional value to customers.

Greenwave Systems’ AXON Platform offers real-time edge analytics that interface with CUJO AI’s data security and parental control capabilities to enable ISPs to manage critical data and services at the edge of a network.

The AXON Platform translates communications from a wide variety of devices to create a managed service, offering real intelligence to industrial, commercial and consumer market segments within broadband systems.

“Internet security is a top concern for ISPs and their home network customers.  Greenwave’s platform resonates with big carriers and we are deeply concerned about security,” said Martin Manniche, Greenwave Systems CEO and chairman. “By integrating CUJO AI with the AXON Platform, we offer a solution designed to help ISPs protect their subscribers, who face huge threats from cyberattacks. These software solutions are dynamic, and arm ISPs with the tools to provide full end-to-end internet security for users, even those with legacy systems.”

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