Grid-Tools Enhances Data Masking for Mainframes

Grid-Tools Ltd., a provider of test data management, test data generation and data masking software and solutions, has announced enhanced data masking solutions for mainframe users. The company’s Enterprise Data Masking suite now provide full native support for data masking and subsetting for z/OS on DB2, VSAM, IMS and Non-Indexed Files.

The data masking solutions include the ability to implement dynamic masking routines and to return masked values to an application. In addition, users will now also be able to subset, unload and mask, and write to a flat file that can be loaded into DB2.

“We recognize that in order to achieve success in testing and development, a company must be able to provide accurate and consistent data that is a representation of their entire environment,” says Huw Price, managing director at Grid-Tools. “This enhancement makes data masking for mainframe fast and easy, ensures compliance with all industry regulations and significantly improves all mainframe integration activities.”

More information is available from the company's website at