GridGain Announces Beta Release of GridGain Cloud

GridGain Systems, provider of enterprise-grade in-memory computing solutions based on Apache Ignite, has announced the beta release of GridGain Cloud.

GridGain Cloud is an in-memory cache-as-a-service that allows users to deploy a distributed in-memory cache and access it using ANSI-99 SQL, key-value or REST APIs. The result, the company says, is in-memory computing performance in the cloud, which can be massively scaled out and can be deployed in minutes for caching applications.

For customers that don’t need the broader functionality of the flagship GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform, GridGain Cloud offers the same in-memory performance and distributed scale for simpler use cases, in addition to the instant deployment and fully automated management that users expect from cloud-based services, said Abe Kleinfeld, president and CEO of GridGain Systems.

GridGain Cloud leverages key elements of the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform to address cloud-based data caching use cases where performance and ease of deployment and management are of primary importance.

With GridGain Cloud, any developer or analyst with a knowledge of SQL can launch a cluster with just a few mouse clicks. Users can then load data and monitor and manage the cluster from a central console.

GridGain Systems will continue to add more capabilities during the beta over the coming months.

According to 451 Research, by 2019, 60% of workloads will be deployed in cloud environments, including on-premises private clouds, hosted private clouds, IaaS and SaaS. The implication is that hybrid cloud environments will dominate for years to come. As a result, organizations developing digital transformation or omnichannel customer experience initiatives will need to ensure their applications scale across the hybrid infrastructure. They will also need to ensure real-time visibility into their data no matter where it resides to support their operational, transactional, regulatory and analytical requirements.

The beta of GridGain Cloud is free to try at