GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform Certified by Hortonworks and Tableau

GridGain Systems, provider of enterprise-grade in-memory computing platform solutions based on Apache Ignite, has obtained certifications from Hortonworks and Tableau and joined their technology partnership programs. GridGain says these relationships will make it easier for its customers to launch high performance big data systems built on Hortonworks that leverage in-memory computing and to visualize in-memory data held in GridGain using Tableau.

GridGain helps companies accelerate big data solutions built on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark while speeding insights into their data using visualization tools that use ODBC/JDBC.

Based on Apache Ignite, GridGain in-memory computing solutions provide high-speed transactions with ACID guarantees, real-time streaming, and fast analytics in a single, comprehensive data access and processing layer.

Organizations increasingly rely on Hortonworks and Tableau for business-critical analytics and timely business decision making, and, as they scale their big data analytics deployments, GridGain solutions can help them the processing performance that only an in-memory computing platform can deliver, according to Abe Kleinfeld, president and CEO, GridGain Systems.

With the continuing decline in the cost of memory, coupled with the feature-rich design of GridGain, building an in-memory infrastructure is now a cost-effective approach to delivering performance with scale, he added.

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