GroupSense and Cybraics Partner to Provide Deep Security from Cyberattacks

GroupSense, a digital risk management company, and Cybraics, a security analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) company, are forming a strategic technology partnership to provide end-to-end security to prevent and remediate cyberattacks.

“Security teams today are buried by information overload – both from internal systems generating an endless stream of alerts, many of which are false-positives, and external intelligence feeds that dump cascades of ‘one size fits all’ information that must be manually processed before it can be used,” said Michael Duckett, chief operating officer at Cybraics. “This partnership solves the information overload problem, with GroupSense providing customized, operationally ready external threat intelligence, and Cybraics delivering AI-driven threat-hunting capabilities incorporating the threat intelligence to deliver unprecedented speed and accuracy in threat detection.”

Founded in 2013 and borne out of a government-funded research program, Cybraics offers a fully automated threat-detection solution called nLighten.

To date, the nLighten platform has analyzed more than 100 trillion records, which has trained its AI and machine learning engine to deliver precise identification of behaviors by bad actors.

The result is a solution that leverages behavioral analytics, instead of rules or signatures, to detect both known and unknown threats and automatically aggregate malicious activities into actionable information.

GroupSense provides risk intelligence that maps specifically to each customer’s digital business footprint and risk profile. The company does this by combining technology and a world-class analyst team to deliver finished intelligence that is ready to use, requiring no additional processing and customization by client security teams.

“Our partnership with Cybraics is good news for enterprises everywhere, because together we radically simplify and improve threat detection, which reduces digital business risk,” said Kurtis Minder, CEO and co-founder of GroupSense. “We look forward to delivering a combined solution that will solve our customers’ most difficult security problem – keeping pace with the constantly changing threat landscape.”

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