Groware Uses Bluefinity’s Evoke Platform to Launch Mobile Apps

Groware is one of Canada's leading providers of software for the grower and nursery markets. Over the years, the company's software has been through several iterations. This year, Groware partnered with global IT company Bluefinity International to use its rapid app development platform Evoke.

By using Evoke Groware created mobile app versions of its inventory management software, which is already improving inventory management for its customers.

Every nursery owner and grower of plants and shrubs has difficulty keeping track of their plants and shrubs because they are growing constantly.

Prior to using Evoke, Groware had introduced handheld devices to help customers update tasks and stock take more easily in the field. However, with most customers located in rural areas with limited internet coverage, updates were rarely carried out real-time and the handheld devices needed to be synced later with other software. Inevitably data inaccuracies would creep in.

As a specialized company, Groware wanted to use a rapid app development platform to develop mobile apps quickly and easily without having to rewrite all its existing back end code. Its existing software had been created over many years and comprised of over one million lines of code and a substantial Oracle database.

Following a strong recommendation, Groware approached Bluefinity International who had launched a rapid app development platform called Evoke.

Evoke's "no code" option, uses point and click technology to add Evoke business functions that read, update calculate, restrict and adapt areas such as database entries, the user experience and the navigation through the app.

 This has opened up building professional, sophisticated business apps to everyone. There are also business logic options within the platform that allow for all types of apps to be enhanced or integrated with any applications/database without the need to amend existing back end code/logic.

In just a few months of working together, Groware launched beta mobile apps to rave customer reviews. Evoke has offered Groware a low cost and completely flexible platform that integrated with its existing databases and enabled it to use its existing code.

For Groware, a key benefit has been the amazing level of support provided by Bluefinity throughout the development process. Another vital factor is that Evoke enables apps to be created and optimised for any device with the right look and feel for different customers.

"We are delighted to have enabled Groware to achieve its goal of launching mobile apps successfully for its customers. Using Evoke, it has the right platform in place to achieve further growth and success and we look forward to a long partnership with the company," said Malcolm Carroll, director, Bluefinity International.