Growth of the Sybase IQ Partner Ecosystem Continues

Sybase, Inc., an SAP company, recently announced the continued growth of the Sybase(R) IQ partner ecosystem. Through key relationships with companies such as Bradmark Technologies, Fuzzy Logix, ISYS Search Software, Kapow Technologies, SAS, Tableau Software, and Zend Technologies, Sybase IQ analytics server continues to support the demanding analytics environments of its more than 1,800 customers and 3,200 installs worldwide.

According to Sybase, the growing support and partner ecosystem for Sybase IQ enables customers to create comprehensive data management and analytics solutions that are easy to acquire, integrate and implement. For example, Bradmark Technologies, a provider of data management solutions and services, recently released Surveillance IQ for Sybase IQ 15. Surveillance IQ provides proactive infrastructure monitoring and management solutions for Sybase IQ customers, reducing the time it takes to identify and resolve database issues and track departmental usage. Sybase has also announced its intention to sign a reseller agreement with Fuzzy Logix, a high-tech business product and advisory company, whose analytics libraries enable rapid, high-performance and pervasive analytics via the Sybase IQ in-Database Analytics Partner option.

In other key partner relationships, Sybase has announced its intention to enter into an agreement with ISYS Search Software under which Sybase will resell ISYS file readers as a key component for text analytics in Sybase IQ. Combined with the new text analytics features in version 15.2 of Sybase IQ, ISYS(R) File Readers address the unique unstructured text extraction and information access needs of analytic applications--e-discovery, fraud detection and forensic analysis. And, Kapow Technologies' Web Data Server has completed certification with Sybase IQ, expanding the data available to users of the Sybase IQ Unstructured Data Analysis option. Kapow Web Data Server, together with Sybase IQ, eliminate the complexities associated with both noise-free data extraction and deep, rich text analysis. This game changing solution enables companies to build complex data models involving an unlimited number of data sources.

"We've seen overwhelming support for Sybase IQ from our partner community," states Dan Lahl, senior director, product marketing, Sybase. "We are committed to continuing to build an ecosystem around Sybase IQ that will allow us to further serve our customer base by putting actionable intelligence into the hands of decision makers across the organization. Independent software vendors are working quickly to integrate with Sybase IQ to bring joint solutions to the market in record time."

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